Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best Movie Posters of 2008


Fox said...

I like The Wrestler poster b/c it appears like the lights above him are like a broken golden crown of some kind. I do with that endorsement in the upper corner was gone though. It's a bit too busy.

I also like the "Some Thing" wordplay in the Cloverfield poster.

Ed Howard said...

Agreed on all counts, though the one for Appaloosa is a bit glossy with some rather obvious photoshop-type effects. The composition itself is very nice though: that's a great way of getting the stars on the poster without going for the usual "big head" cliche.

Jason Bellamy said...

Fox: I think "The Wrestler" is my favorite of the year, having yet to see the film. But I'm still fond of the "W" poster, which nails one half of the Bush character better than the movie did.

Ed: Agreed on "Appaloosa." It's the weakest of the bunch. But I'm a sucker for Westerns, and when I look at it I think: Wow, that looks like a good movie! But it wasn't. (Ditto "The Happening" ...)

PIPER said...

For the longest time, I never noticed the water in the Cloverfield poster. I'm slow that way.

The copy on The Happening kills it for me. But it's a nice tip o the hat for how bad the movie is.

And did you see the limited edition Wall E posters? They were fantastic.