Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Eyes of March

The Cooler will get back up to speed in the week ahead. In the meantime, here are 15 celebrations of cinematic eyes – some more famous than others – from 15 different films.


Craig said...

Glad you're back, Jason!

Ed Howard said...

What, no Chien Andalou? Heh.

Great screencaps. Closeups of eyes are often some of the most effective shots in the cinema. There's something disarmingly intimate about looking into someone's eyes through the cinema screen.

Richard Bellamy said...

The eyes have it! A mesmerizing post. I would have included Mila Jovovich's eye from the beginning of Resident Evil - an awesome movie and - uh - an awesome eye.

Jason Bellamy said...

Nobody asked, so I presume that everyone either guessed the films involved (many of them are gimmes) or didn't care.

But, for the record, in case there were any you couldn't figure out, here are the films represented, in order:

- Vertigo
- Psycho
- The Thomas Crown Affair
- The Cincinnati Kid
- Sunset Blvd
- Mulholland Dr
- Saving Private Ryan
- Raiders of the Lost Ark
- The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
- The Usual Suspects
- Cool Hand Luke
- 2001
- Titanic
- Sunshine

Notes: There are some themes to many of the pairings. For example, the Faye Dunaway shot is returned by a reverse shot of Steve McQueen that's similar enough, but obviously different, to the shot I included from The Cincinnati Kid (the conclusion of which provides an eye candy orgasm, by the way).

Then there are the shots of the two dilusional actresses. Then there are shots of two men who have lost someone(s). And the brim of Indy's hat looks like it should sit on Clint's head. And Clint (good, bad, ugly) leads us into a collection of bad guys (of sorts). And then, yeah, the Titanic and Sunshine shots are thrown in at the end.

Also worth remembering is that the shot from Psycho begins a sequence that ends with a different and equally memorable eye close-up. Hitch! That mofo knew what he was doing!