Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Conversations: Lawrence of Arabia

I’m pleased to announce that a new edition of The Conversations is live at The House Next Door. This time around, Ed Howard and I take on an established classic, David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia. Over the course of our conversation, Ed and I look at the ways the film is and isn’t a traditional epic, discuss the effect of the brownface performances, interpret the sexuality of the main character and try to decipher the film’s lasting political statement.

This post wraps up a year’s worth of The Conversations. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of this experience, and I hope you have too because Ed and I have already begun plotting the initial months of 2010, which will include a surprise. Many thanks to Ed, to Keith Uhlich at The House Next Door who approached us for this project (and edits our not-short debates) and to all of the readers and commenters. These conversations have made me a better moviegoer. I'm grateful for that.

As usual, Ed and I hope that our latest discussion leads to an even larger conversation among readers, so head on over to The House Next Door and join the conversation about Lawrence of Arabia.

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