Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Searching for the Muppets

As premiered yesterday over at Press Play, I'm pleased to present my second video essay, "Searching for the Muppets." As you can see above, it's available in two parts. The total running time will require about 20 minutes of your life, but it's packed with Muppet clips, so you can thank Jim Henson for keeping it interesting.

"Searching for the Muppets" is my attempt to cut to the core of the Muppets' signature spirit, as defined by The Muppet Show. Part I examines the characters that characterized the brand. Part II explores why many of the post-Henson projects failed to capture the Muppets' original spirit.

Please watch. If you're willing to promote this video or wish to leave comments, please direct traffic to and/or leave feedback at Press Play.