Monday, February 16, 2009

Programming Note: Oscars Live Blog on Sunday

Confirming a comment I left last week, let it be known that once again I will be live-blogging the Academy Awards. The Cooler will hardly offer the only running commentary in the blogosphere Sunday night. Thus, even those of you planning to watch the event with a computer on your lap might have other engagements. Heck, many of you might be planning to live-blog the event yourself. But if you have time, please stop by.

In addition to my ruminations on the event, reader rants will be filling the comments section. At least, I hope they will. We’ll all have Monday to go into depth with our reactions, so consider Sunday a chance for some instant gratification, whether you want to celebrate, to complain or to marvel at the size of Nicole Kidman’s forehead. Whatever.

Coverage on ABC begins at 8 pm ET, but I’ll probably dive in somewhere during the red carpet hullaballoo. I never miss a chance to watch inane interviews that feel tired after just one question.

Hope to see you Sunday!


Mark said...

Looking forward to this and also to reading the Mulholland Drive conversation. Michelle and I just watched that movie again the other night -- I really like it -- and both wondered afterward what you think of it.

Fox said...

I am gonna be at an Oscar Party (I know, I know...) but I will definitely be reading your live blogging afterwards. I'll just pretend that I recorded it and am watching it again.