Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let’s Get Kreativ

After a painfully long layoff – largely due to a painfully overloaded work schedule – I’m pleased to report that The Cooler will spring back to action here in the near future. I have reviews to write, rants to share, an event to announce and various other posts that need to find their way out of my brain and onto the page, er, screen. Before we return to business as usual, however, I wanted to give thanks to three bloggers who acknowledged The Cooler with a Kreativ Award. Oh, sure, it’s a meme, but I’m flattered just the same and, even more, I’m eager to share some love with my fellow bloggers because, wow, I can't express how much fun it is to be a movie fan thanks to the blogosphere.

So, here goes …

First, to recognize those who recognized me. Thanks to Tony Dayoub, who writes with notable clarity and honesty at Cinema Viewfinder. Thanks to Edward Copeland, whose blog, Edward Copeland on Film, is back to life after health complications forced a layoff. (Can you write horizontally? I don’t think I could. Way to go, Ed!) And thanks to Jake, a talented (and young) writer whose Not Just Movies was the best blog I discovered in 2009. Keep it up, fellas.

Second, for reasons that don’t make a whole lot of sense to me, I’m supposed to now tell you some things about myself that you might find interesting. OK. I’m game. Here goes …

1. I’ve never seen It’s a Wonderful Life. Sure, the list of movies I haven’t seen is long. Why point out this one? Because when I tell people I’ve never seen this movie they tend to look at me with horror-struck faces as if I’ve admitted I like burning the American flag while hosting dog-fighting parties in my backyard.

2. I’ve lived in five states plus the District of Columbia. For someone who isn’t from a military family or in the witness relocation program, that’s quite a few.

3. I’m still a little confused about who John Conner’s original father was, assuming that his latter father was someone he sent from the future and that they couldn't be the same guy – or am I remembering The Terminator incorrectly? The Terminator, by the way, was the first R-rated movie I was allowed to see. (And is it me, or has Linda Hamilton not had a memorable role since she played the clueless, supportive wife on Titanic’s big Oscar night all those years ago?)

4. After my utter disappointment with the majority of the films I saw in 2009, I fear I’m becoming a curmudgeon. By the time Invictus and Nine rolled around, I didn’t have the energy to write another disgruntled review. (I still might write something about The Lovely Bones, though.)

5. I grew up playing sports. In the past, I’ve made a living writing about sports and I’ve worked in sports public relations at two major universities. Currently, I play in two very casual fantasy football leagues and one very competitive National League-only fantasy baseball league (which I won last year, by the way). And yet I couldn’t tell you when ESPN’s SportsCenter airs and never watch it.

6. I do a fairly decent Andy Rooney impersonation.

7. I always get asked for directions, including when I’m visiting from out of town. Two weeks ago, I gave my easiest directions ever. Wandering through D.C. after seeing a movie, a tourist came up to me at a traffic light and asked for directions to the National Portrait Gallery. I turned 45 degrees and pointed to the large freestone building directly next to us. “That way?” he asked. “No,” I replied. “That’s it.”

Finally, I now get to spread the love to seven more bloggers. Many of them have already been honored, but I’m including them anyway. In no specific order …

Craig of The Man From Porlock

Kevin J. Olson of Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies

Troy Olson of Elusive as Robert Denby

Jermaine Olson of ... wait, never mind.

Fox of Tractor Facts (don’t stay away altogether, buddy)

FilmDr of The Film Doctor

Hokahey of Little Worlds

Steven Santos of The Fine Cut

Thanks for all the great blog reading!


The Film Doctor said...

Thanks for the honor, Jason. By the way, a clip from It's a Wonderful Life involving Clarence the angel appears briefly in Legion, but I'm not recommending that film as it would likely just add to your general disgruntlement. At any rate, congratulations for your nominations. I'm always impressed by your work here.

Craig said...

If I don't follow through on my meme-ing responsibilities, I hope it's clear that it'll be on account of laziness and not ingratitude. I'm honored, Jason. Thanks.

Some quick replies to your "confessions":

#3: Reese (Michael Biehn) was John Connor's father. Unless they've tweaked the mythology. I haven't seen the last two Terminators. (The original was, I think, my second R-rated movie. [And my parents were much more appalled by the tender sex scene that led to John Connor's birth than the non-stop violence.] My first was The Blues Brothers, though that would most certainly be rated PG-13 today.)

#2: Five states is a lot. I've lived in seven, but don't remember Oklahoma as I was only six months old.

#1. If you really want to get a reaction, tell people you hate It's a Wonderful Life.

Unknown said...


Thanks for honoring me by including me on your Kreative List.

Re #1: The more I read movie blogs, it is becoming fascinating finding out what some bloggers have seen. I always feel I have to apologize for my own blind spots, but then I see someone else has never seen a movie that I would expect all film bloggers to have seen. We all come from different backgrounds which formed different tastes which lead us to what films interest us the most.

I didn't get to "It's A Wonderful Life" until about 10 years ago because Capra movies carried the stigma of being corny, but I was surprised by how much I took to it, even with my issues regarding Christmas. Not as great as its reputation, but still quite an emotional film.

Re #4: I had the same feeling about myself as I have been less than thrilled with what's excited critics and audiences this past year. I really do believe, due to the lack of genuine greatness in 2009 movies, there has been a lots of grading on curves rather than facing the truth that 2009 was a pretty lousy year for film. There will be eventual buyers' regret going on with movies that got an easy pass from critics and audiences. To look at these films for what they really are is not curmudgeonly.

Troy Olson said...

Thanks for passing the award along to me and for the acknowledgment. It truly means a lot. It's a good thing you nominated both me AND my brother, because there is an intense rivalry and jealousy between the two of us and I don't know if family gatherings would ever be the same had only one of us got it. As for Jermaine...

I actually have a post all ready to go tomorrow afternoon that actually continues this meme, mostly because the writing bug hit today and I figured I'd run with it.

As for interesting things:
1) You are Commie scum.

4) Yeah, 2009 hasn't been so hot, and I've purposefully avoided those three films you mention so as to not burn out on stuff that doesn't sound interesting to me -- there's only so much a person has the time to watch!

5) I love sports and have about as many sports blogs I read daily as movie blogs. I've not watched Sportscenter in years. It's irrelevant to me unless I'm in a hotel. We can't be the norm amongst sports fan, can we?

6) "Why do they call an orange an orange but don't call a banana a yellow."

7) I also get asked for directions a lot (I think I look friendly) and typically when I'm not in my hometown. Unfortunately, I'm directionally impaired and have probably sent people to a myriad of wrong places, with them cursing the name of "that guy who gave them directions."

Sam Juliano said...

I enjoyed reading the biographical info here Jason, and i know it won't be long until you're back in the swing of things. I shutter to think what will happen to those bones though. Ain't a pretty sight! Ha! There were some good movies in 2009, but alas there were many more bad ones. i found myself agreeing with you quite a bit over the past year. Best Wishes over the coming months, and you have some great people here on board, no question about that.

Kevin J. Olson said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I really appreciate it. I'll leave it up to my brother to continue the meme...but that doesn't mean I'm not appreciative of the mention here, Jason. Thanks!

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Adam Zanzie said...

I guarantee you that when you finally do check out It's A Wonderful Life, you'll come away a believer. My favorite shot in the film occurs when George's own mother fails to recognize him and shuts the door on him: he frantically runs up to the camera, looks around, and then slowly faces right at us, the audience. As the AFI's #1 Most Inspirational Film, it's definately got a dark side, too.

Though I personally consider Lost Horizon to be Capra's masterpiece.

Allison said...

UM, hello. I don't see my blog here.


Your awards (even if memes) are well-deserved!

Jason Bellamy said...

Thanks for the thoughts, everyone. I'll make it a resolution to see It's a Wonderful Life sometime this year.

Also, forgive me for taking so long to reply. I keep thinking that I'm coming up to the week when work will allow me to catch up on blogging, but it continues to be a challenge.

Maybe this week ...