Friday, May 14, 2010

The Conversations: "Minor" Hitchcock

Just in time for some weekend reading, the latest edition of The Conversations is live at The House Next Door. The title of this installment is “Minor Hitchcock,” and with Alfred Hitchcock “minor” is a very relative term. Though Ed Howard and I could have explored some of Hitchcock’s least-known works, instead we chose to focus on To Catch a Thief and Rope, two films that include enough of Hitchcock’s signature flourishes and themes to seem part of his celebrated oeuvre, yet two films that rarely get mentioned when folks provide a short list of Hitchcock’s classics. With good reason? You’ll have to read to find out, and then jump into the comments section to keep the discussion going. Our previous Easter edition of The Conversations received a tremendous response of thoughtful dialogue, and I’m hopeful we might see more of the same here, even if the topic might not be so controversial. So when you have time, please head on over to The House Next Door and join the conversation!

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