Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Conversations: Bamboozled

As dormant as this site has been in 2012, The Conversations series at The House Next Door keeps chugging along. In this edition, Ed Howard and I discuss Spike Lee's confrontational comedy Bamboozled (2000). One of the things I love about The Conversations series is that it prods me to finally see so many movies that for whatever reason have eluded me. When I watched Bamboozled for this discussion, I expected it would challenge me and make me think. What I didn't expect was to find links between it and some of the movies that might receive Academy Awards tomorrow night. Bamboozled is awkward in the same deliberate way that most of Lee's movies are awkward, but it might be my favorite Spike Lee joint. In the least, Bamboozled provides a lot to contemplate, so please head on over to The House Next Door and tell us what we missed and where we misstep, and keep the discussion going!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this. Oddly enough, I was just getting ready to dust off my own Bamboozled piece that I'd started awhile back. Not my favorite Spike "joint," but in many ways, I think it's the quintessential one. Good stuff.