Sunday, October 19, 2008

Big Payne, Big Gain

More substantial posting later this week. But first, props to Mark Wahlberg, who was a double winner this weekend. Against all odds (or so I thought), his Max Payne was tops at the box office this weekend (take that, Oliver Stone). And even more surprising, Wahlberg showed he has a sense of humor.

Just last week, he ripped both Saturday Night Live as a whole and Andy Samberg’s impersonation of him in the skit “Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals.” This week? Well, see for yourself …

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Richard Bellamy said...

How does Mark Wahlberg deserve two starring roles in one year? There oughta be a law! And how does Nicolas Cage even rate one film a year? When Wahlberg's agent hands him another signed contract, I hope Mark has the humility to thank God for miracles.