Monday, March 15, 2010

The Eyes of March (2010)

This is my second Eyes of March post. Below you'll find 11 unedited eye-shots from 11 different films. Some you'll recognize immediately. Others are harder. How many can you name? Place your answers in the comments section. I'll come along with the correct answers in a day or so.

Numbers correspond to the image below them.














Colin Low said...

Terrible. I only recognise: (2) O-Ren Ishii and (11) Anton Ego. And I may not even be right on the former.

Ed Howard said...

Hmm, tougher than you'd think.

1) The Good, the Bad & the Ugly?
2) Kill Bill
3) Ha! The Passion
8) The Insider
9) Is that Death Proof?
11) Ratatouille

Unknown said...

4) Let the Right One In

Gavin B said...

I'll add this to the ones already mentioned:

4. Let the Right One In

Jason Bellamy said...

Good job so far, everyone. Confirming ...

1) The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
2) Kill Bill - Vol 1
3) The Passion
4) Let the Right One In
5) ... (I think Tony Dayoub would get this)
6) ... (Wasn't sure if this would be easy or hard)
7) ... (Tough)
8) The Insider
9) Death Proof
10) ... (Tough)
11) Ratatouille

Also, while I'm here: I love doing this post each year -- I love eye shots! So, during the year, if you come across any good ones that I haven't used in this year's post or last year's, shoot me an email. If you can give me a rough time count on the image, all the better!

Unknown said...

6) Goodfellas?
10) Days of Heaven?

Jason Bellamy said...

6) GoodFellas is correct.

5, 7, 10 ... keep guessing. I'll put some hints out there if no one comes up with anything.

Thomas Pluck said...
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Jason Bellamy said...

And why is this posting in full all of a sudden?

Friggin Blogger.

Jason Bellamy said...

OK. Hint time ...

5) The eyes in this shot are those of an actress who plays two characters in the film in question. (And it's the biggest role of her career by far, I believe.)

7) Consider this shot a plug for March 24-27. But that still won't be enough help, so this narrows it down a bit more: It's one of the handful of films in which the actor spends time behind bars.

10) These eyes belong to a kid who's in a pose straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark (though this film came out prior to that): on his stomach, staring down a snake that's all to close to his face.

Anyone? Anyone?

Kevin J. Olson said...

5.) Femme Fatale

7.) Papillon (??)

10.) Walkabout (??)

This is an insanely fun series by the way. Nice work, Jason!

Craig said...

Ah, #10 is The Black Stallion! That one was really bugging me.

Jason Bellamy said...

And we're done! Nice job Kevin on Femme Fatale and Papillon. And good save by Craig on The Black Stallion. So, the final list ...

1) The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
2) Kill Bill - Vol 1
3) The Passion
4) Let the Right One In
5) Femme Fatale
6) Goodfellas
7) Papillon
8) The Insider
9) Death Proof
10) The Black Stallion
11) Ratatouille

We'll be doing this again in 2011. As I said above, if you come across any eye shots during the year, please email me a heads-up.

Tony Dayoub said...

I fell behind on my blog reading, and look at what I missed. Now, I gotta wait a year for the next one?

BTW, Jason... You would have gotten me with #5. That did not look like Rebecca Romijn until you revealed it.

Look forward to the next one.

Jason Bellamy said...

Tony: I knew that one was difficult, but I figured a De Palma fan such as yourself might be the only one with a chance of recognizing it.

There won't be another Eyes post until next year. But ... I love celebrating beautiful cinematic images, so I might come up with a similar celebration/guess-em sometime this summer. We'll see ...

Fletch said...

Like Tony, I too have gotten way behind, so I missed out on some of the fun here, but I still got to play along with the home game prior to checking out the comments. I would've only gotten six at most anyhow. Good fun.