Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Eyes of March (2011)

The tradition continues! Below you'll find 11 unedited eye shots, plus the one above. Some of them are very identifiable. Others are nearly impossible. I do this less as a quiz than as a celebration of eye shots, which I find incredibly compelling (even in movies like Red Riding Hood). Still, I've numbered each item so you can provided guesses in the comments section. This is certainly a more difficult batch than in 2010 or 2009. Enjoy!

Numbers correspond to the image below them.













Ed Howard said...

Wow, that is difficult. The only one I know, I think, is #2, from Black Swan.

And #1 reminds me of Powell and Pressburger for some reason.

Unknown said...

These are tough. I'll solve the one easy one for me, #5, which is "Gangs of New York".

#4 looks like "The Ghost Writer".

Still thinking about the others.

Jason Bellamy said...

I'm going to let people guess a while before I jump in, but let me just say that No. 4 is impossibly unfair -- as in, you could have watched the movie last night and still not be able to identify it. The others are difficult, too, but identifiable to those who know those movies well.

At some point I'll sprinkle in some hints.

The Day in Sports said...

(7) 127 Hours
(8) American Psycho
(9) Pi: Faith in Chaos
(10) How to Train Your Dragon

Richard Bellamy said...

11. Psycho
2. Black Swan
5. Gangs of New York

Love the inclusion of How to Train Your Dragon.

Sheila O'Malley said...

#4 looks like Tom Cruise's eyes, but other than that, I got nothin'.

Kevin J. Olson said...

#1 looks like The Red Shoes. Either #2 or 3 is from Black Swan (I think), or, for some reason, #3 is making me think of Heather Graham from Boogie Nights. But, I could be way off since it has been forever since I've seen it.

I agree with Steven that #4 look a lot like The Ghost Writer...although your addendum suggests otherwise.

The only other one I think I might know is #6...which is Let Me In.

Satish Naidu said...

Oh boy, these are tough!


4. Valkyrie (?)
5. American Psycho
6. Let Me In
8. American Psycho
9. Pi
10. How to Train Your dragon

Kristen said...

1. Kathleen Byron in Black Narcissus
7. Michael Fassbender in Hunger

Kristen said...

2. Jennifer Connelly in Requiem for a Dream.
3. looks a little bit like Chloe Sevigny ...

Jason Bellamy said...

People did well, but Eric and Kristen did very well.

Here's where things are at:

Post Header: ...

1: Black Narcissus (shared points for Ed and Kristen)

2: Requiem for a Dream (point for Kristen)

3: ...

4: ...

5: Gangs of New York (point for Steven)

6: Let Me In (point for Kevin, and he'd better get that one because he used almost the same image on his site a few months ago)

7: Hunger (big point for Kristen!)

8: American Psycho (point for Eric)

9: Pi (point for Eric)

10: How to Train Your Dragon (point for Eric)

11: ...


Post Header: It's Ann-Margret. Can you name the film?

3: It comes from a 2010 film, and the actress is the still-young older sister of an even younger actress.

4: Still, impossible, but it's directed by the guy who made 2 and 9.

11: It's the opening of a 1960s comedy. (Hokahey, you know this one!)

Kevin J. Olson said...

#3 -- The Runaways...I'm going with the Fanning sisters based on your hint.

#4 -- based on your hint, is it The Fountain?

I can't think of the last one. Oh, and is the Ann-Margret pic Tommy?

Unknown said...

I'll throw in a guess on the Ann-Margaret: The Cincinatti Kid

Jason Bellamy said...

Header image: Cincinnati Kid, yes! (The ultimate eye-shot climax, by the way.)

3) The Runaways, yes!

4) The Fountain, yes!

11) This one is still up for grabs ...

Richard Bellamy said...

11. This is The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming. I thought this when I first looked at the post, and then I was doubtful. It's the eye in the periscope.

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